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  1. PROFISS (POETIC ROBOTISM OFFICE) is a collaborative project by artists Laura Prikule and Eva Vēvere started in 2015. It researches the boundary between real life and art, drawing inspiration from both. PROFISS is located in Riga, Latvia, at the headquarters of a former factory in Pasture Dam area.

    PROFISS as a project questions the following -

    What do the terms artwork/art as work mean?
    What circumstances dictate an artist’s activity in contemporary society?
    Which techniques from the general work environment can be integrated in artmaking?

    PROFISS uses both poetic (dreamy) and robotic (technical) methods and multiple ways to answer these questions ranging from video and text to constructed situations and printer inkworks. PROFISS aims to combine creative process with field research.

  2. FOCUS PRO (approximately)

    Exhibition “Lediņš. Between this and the other” National Library of Latvia, 2015 

    Two cubes in an aproximate field, one visible, the other not, they move along their trajectories and meet in the third – perceptual cube. Together they create  powerful electromagnetic radiation, that affects all the Library populace. Information vanishes in the Focus targets, action destroys thought, leaving behind ephemeral traces of shapes. They dissolve quite PROfessionally at certain intervals, to re-emerge again at other frequences of the time waves.

    Process/score: During the 7 exhibition weeks 2 cubes- the Focal Points move through the Latvian National Library Building, with a stop on each floor for a one-week period. The first cube moves from top to bottom and the second the other way round. Each week the focal object changes, and on the last week of the exhibition the cubes meet in the middle. The 3rd cube is placed in the ground-floor exhibition space, and its content is closely related to the journey of the other cubes through the building. People who visit the library can follow the events and join the process of focussing.

    Focus Pro (approximately) is a reflection upon focussing and different aspects and techniques to do that as well as a melting point for different ideas.