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    A film by Andris Indāns, Kaspars Lielgalvis and Laura Prikule

    Mankind’s journey along the rocky plastic river is coming to an end. World Witness is looking at the artificial tomatoes in his greenhouse-observatory. They are developing too slowly. Agriculture partakes more and more sophisticated shapes. The channel of classical music is playing Don Quixote's interpretations. Right now, he could be the one going along that palm alley, to the New City in the middle of the desert. Wind-mills, wind-generators, wind-chimes. In another part of the Spectrum there are the plantations with rosy flowers and ideas about a brighter future growing. They are surrounded by biomorphic bees-robots. Mutant-goats are also grazing in the barren mountain slopes. Far beyond the vast plastic settlements and poisonous pools, amidst the concrete jungle the Creature is waking up. It is hungry and ready to devour all the mind constructs and concepts that Time's whirlwind has pulled inside.